Company President Arrested for Selling Unauthorized "Gokaiger" Cosplay Costumes

The pirated costumes were manufactured in China

Hiroshima Prefectural Police arrested a 39-year-old female company president on suspicion of copyright infringement on September 25. The woman, who is the president of Nagai Seisakujyo in Hiroshima-city, is accused of producing four unauthorized cosplay jackets, which the characters of the 35th Super Sentai TV series Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger wore in the show, without the permission from the copyright owner of the series, Toei, and selling them in the price of 32,000 yen (about US$320) on the net with her staff between March 15 and April 17 this year.


According to the police, they produced more than 4,000 costumes based on popular anime/tokusatsu characters and pop idols in the Chinese factory and sold them cheaper than legitimate products on their six online stores, including one called Trymax which is now closed. The company presumably

had earned about 300,000,000 yen (US$3 million) in five years. The suspect has already confessed to

her crime and the police is investigating other related crimes by them.


 photo © Chugoku Shimbun




Source: Mainichi, MSN Sankei, Chugoku


Gokaiger image © Ishimori Pro/TV Asahi/Toei AG/Toei



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