Battleship Girl Game Phenomenon "Kantai Collection" Launching into Anime and PS Vita

Multi-media franchise continues to expand beyond hit browser game

It was only a matter of time. Since debuting in Kadokawa's April, free-to-play online social card game starring anthropomorphic moe battleships, "Combined Fleet Girls Collection", KanColle for short, has become huge among Japanese otaku. Following recent news that a light novel by Tsukiji Toshihiko (Kämpfer) and NOCO debuts in November and a manga by Sasayuki starts in the December issue of Comptiq, the announcements have just gotten bigger, with a PlayStation Vita game and anime project. 


Both the PS Vita game, Kan Colle Kai, rom the folks behind PS4/PS3/Vita strategy RPG Natural Doctrine, and anime are being planned for next year.


Beyond the Sasayuki manga and a 4panel spoof starring the girls in school by Momoi Ryota running in Famitsu Comic Clear, another series from Sakae Saito will be kicking off in Comics Alive. While these works will be fairly mainstream, both Saito and Sasayuki have a fair amount of hentai on their resumes. 





In the game play you as an admiral, assembling your fleet of battleship girls, going to war against alien enemies to keep things from getting too politically weird.


The game currently has over 600,000 and spaces for 150 fleet girls:


Types include:

  • Battleship(): Has strong power and defense, whilst requiring large quantities of resources.
  • Aircraft carrier(正規空母): Allows for preemptive strikes before battles. Have long repair times, and the planes require bauxite.
  • Light aircraft carrier(軽空母): Has better fuel consumption and is able to damage submarines, however has lighter armour.
  • Seaplane mothership(水上機母艦): High enemy formation detection stats. Largely weak.
  • Heavy cruiser(重巡洋艦): Able to deal significant damage, and are fuel efficient. Have decent overall stats, however does not excel in any particular areas.
  • Light cruiser(軽巡洋艦): Strong anti-submarine type, effective during night combat. Have low endurance.
  • Destroyer(駆逐艦): Good for night battles, and have good fuel and repair rate.


Some examples of prominent ship girls include


No.10 島風

Shimakaze Class Destroyer


No.007 加賀

Kaga Class Aircraft carrier


No.006 赤城

Akagi Class Aircraft carrier


No.58 羽黒

Myōkō Class Heavy Crusier


No.15 叢雲

Fubuki Class Destroyer



No.028 天龍

Tenryū Class Light cruiser


No.029 龍田

Tenryū Class Light cruiser


No.39 球磨

Kuma Class Light Crusier


No.021 金剛

Kongo Class Battleship


No.60 愛宕

Takao Class Heavy Crusier


No.11 吹雪

Fubuki Class Destroyer


Enemy Shinkaisei-kan (lit. "abyssal ships") include:

Ro-class Destroyer
Ru-class Battleship
Wa-class Transport Ship
Chi-class Torpedo Cruiser
Wo-class Aircraft Carrier
Ta-class Battleship


For more information, including how to register and play, see this wiki.


If you want to get some idea of the scale of the fandom,  check Pixiv, where there are well over 30,000 tagged images (艦これ).


via Famitsu



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