Former Host Turned Manga Artist Draws "The Avengers" Tribute With Ghibli Characters

The artist calls this "The Avengers Of Ghibli"

Kanehara Takumi, an ex-host turned manga artist with award recognition from the Shonen Jump Treasure New Manga Award under his belt is getting a lot of attention by his Alphonse Mucha-inspired Ghibli character series of illustrations that he posts on his Twitter account. In his latest work that he calls The Avengers of Ghibli, he interprets Ghibli characters as the Avengers.



Kaonashi (No Face) as Venom + Wolverine, Yupa as Batman, Oyakata as Hulk, Ashitaka as Gambit, Howl as Magneto + Storm and Kyojinhei (Giant God Warrior) is Spawn + Carnage. Kanehara could not think of any Avengers for Haku, so he made Haku a Japanese exorcist (Onmyoji).



His version of Mario above.




 Below are the Musha-inspired Ghibli series that made his name known and they are definiitely work of art.














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