"Natsume Yujincho" Sound Theater Home Video Release Announced

Blu-ray and DVD will also include new OVA!

Natsume Yujincho was turned into a unique play called a Sound Theater as previously reported and the cast took the stage on September 28th on Japan. For the rest of us who missed it, the reader's theater will be available as Blu-ray or DVD with a new OVA early next year in Japan. The Limited Edition will also include a CD-ROM with Nyanko Sensei digital contents and a color booklet.



The new OVA is titled Itsuka Yuki No Hi Ni (literal translation: Someday, on a snowy day).


Release date: February 5th, 2014

Disc 01. OVA "Itsuka Yuki No Hi Ni"

Disc 02. SOUND THEATER x Natsume Yujincho ~Tsudoi Ongeki No Shou~

[Bonus for Limited Edition]

A case with new illustration

Nyanko Sensei Digital Contents CD-ROM

Color Booklet

Special Limited Edition Blu-ray is 7,560 yen and DVD 4,841 yen.



Voice actor Suganuma Hisayoshi (the voice of Kitamoto Atsushi) posted this photo of the reader's theater cast after the stage. From left, Suganuma, Inoue Kazuhiko (voice of Nyanko Sensei/Madara), Horie Kazuma (voice of Tanuma Kaname) and Kimura Ryohei (voice of Nishimura Satoru).


 Sounce: Ota-suke


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