"Tiger & Bunny's" Kotetsu Models For Apparel Brand BEAMS

"Tiger & Bunny" madness still alive in Japan

It's been a few years since the TV series ended in Japan for corporate hero action buddy anime Tiger & Bunny, but the fandom is still going very strong in Japan. Japanese apparel brand BEAMS recently used Kotetsu to model their regular line of clothing and they sold out in minutes as a result. The second film, Tiger & Bunny the Movie: The Rising premieres in early 2014.




The Above images are of Kotetsu's modeling work with BEAMS clothing. The T shirt Kotetsu is wearing completely sold out in minutes. BEAMS added links to the other items Kotetsu is wearing on the T-shirt page and the bracelet is also sold out at this time. BEAMS had previously dressed the heroes in the series for the first movie, Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning, but this is the first time they used the character from the series to model regular, non-collaboration items for their online shopping site.




The 84,000 yen watch Kotetsu wore in the image was not mentioned officially but it was identified by the fans shortly and also sold out. Fans are now waiting for Barnaby's turn.



BEAMS regularly does collaborations with other anime and Tokusatsu shows. Besides the collaboration with Puella Magi Madoka Magica as previously reported, the above is a collaboration ring with Kamen Rider Wizard targeted toward the series' adult fans.



Weekly Jump has also announced that BEAMS will introduce collaboration items with Kise Ryota from Kuroko's Basketball in the near future.



Source: NAVAR

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