Top 10 Anime That Would Make Killer Hollywood Films

Results include mecha, shonen, and even a little Ghibli

The Hollywood machine has cranked out some beautiful things over the years, but one thing they’re a little slim on? Faithful adaptations of anime franchises. Despite being an elusive creature, Japanese fans think that Hollywood is capable of making something that honors and adds to a franchise. In a recent poll, they voted on which anime they would most like to see redone by movie magic.


Lupin III


1. Lupin III


one piece

2. One Piece


3. Case Closed


4. Galaxy Express 999


castle in the sky


5. Castle in the Sky




6. Neon Genesis Evangelion


7. Slam Dunk


8. Golgo 13


my neighbor totoro


9. My Neighbor Totoro


10. Mobile Suit Gundam

Do you agree? Disagree? What kind of horrible things do you think Hollywood could do to these shows? Sound off in the comments!


Via Sankaku Complex (NSFW)



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