VIDEO: 4chan Sings a Cover of "Watamote" End Theme

Plus a collection of the anime's end cards

In print, Watamote has implicitly acknowledged its popularity on American image board 4chan, boasting that the manga was, "a smash hit on the overseas version of 2chan!!" On Twitter, the long standing friendship has been recognized more openly. The latest smooch between the two is a cover of end theme "Dou Kangaete mo Watashi wa Warukunai," featuring a collaboration between 86 /a/ frequenters. 



The poster comments:

As always, my thanks to all the /a/nons that submitted for this- 86 this time around.
Since I'm retiring, I'm going to go commit sudoku now.

This is not a serious cover. We do not own the music or lyrics to this song. I'm pretty sure that we've discovered the sound of 100 children being set on fire while also being mauled by a battalion of feral, sex-crazed cats. It's this song.



A bonus collection of the anime's end card 


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