VIDEO: "High School of the Dead" Character Designer Demonstrates Live Drawing

Plus a look at Daisuke Terasawa drawing his cooking manga “Shota’s Sushi 2 World Stage”

In Wacom's latest live-drawing video, Toradora, High School of the Dead and Anohana character designer/animation director Masayoshi Tanaka demonstrates use of the Cintiq 24HD touch. 



And speaking of art process videos, manga magazine a “Shota’s Sushi 2 World Stage” with comments from  Daisuke Terasawa 

About the story…
Hand-rolled green onion sprout, golden mackerel, fish acupuncture… 
the greatest bouts of unexpected sushi toppings took place in “Shota no Sushi”. 
14 years have passed, and Yasuhito Saji has been maintaining the Otori Sushi restaurant, 
and the generation of Shota’s sons was also in the kitchen. 
Saji’s son, Shota, was discontent with the old customs and ways of Otori Sushi. 
One day, after a chance meeting of a French sushi chef who had visited Otori, 
Shota decides to depart from Japan and start up a sushi place in Paris!


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