"Gundam Build Fighters" To Stream With English Subtitles

Limited regions will be able to watch latest "Gundam" on GUNDAM.INFO

Bandai has announced that Mobile Suit Gundam's latest series, Gundam Build Fighters will be simulcast with English subtitles via GUNDAM.INFO starting October 7. A new episode will be aired every Monday. The content will be limited to select, currently unspecified geographical areas, which might mean, like the preceding Gundam AGE, the series isn't available in North America. 


The near future.
Years after the huge "Gunpla"-plastic models based on the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam-boom of the 1980s.

A second Gunpla boom is taking the world by storm, fueled by the revolutionary new ability to pilot your own Gunpla creations in "Gunpla Battles". These incredibly-popular Battles culminate in a yearly global tournament.

Our hero Sei Iori, is a young Gunpla builder who dreams of someday making it to the world champonships. An only child whose family owns a model shop, his talent is well-honed, but his weak piloting abilities have led to a series of first-round losses.
Then, one day, he meets a boy named Reiji whose piloting skills are incredible. Together as a team, they take on the world!

Sei, the Gunpla Builder.
Reiji, the Gunpla Fighter.
Sei builds, Reiji fights.
Together, they're the Build Fighters!

Their dream is to make it to the Gunpla Battle World Championship... and win!




Scott Green is editor and reporter for anime and manga at geek entertainment site Ain't It Cool News. Follow him on Twitter at @aicnanime.

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