Gainax Posts Special "Panty and Stocking" Tribute Illustration

Studio has overhauled its model for once weekly splash illustration

This fall, anime studio Gainax overhauled their website. As part of the revision, after the 600 works, they did away with their tradition of presenting a different splash image every week. Their new model is to display one image every month, and to sell limited posters featuring that art.


Last month, going along with the production, it was Stella C3. 



This month, in time for the release of the Forever Bitch Edition Blu-ray on the 25th, it's Panty and Stocking. Yasuyuki Nekoi, artist on seinen manga Kousoku Otome no Seikatai and Fist of the North Star's Rei Gaiden


 Forever Bitch Edition is due out October 25 for 26000yen. It features the series and OVA, including English subtitles, in a gatefold with transparent trays. Also comes with 30mn special CD such "Fly Away" remix and "Mini DJ Mix" by Taku Takahashi as well as documentary, short video collection, and more.







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