"Dokidoki! PreCure" Christmas Cake Offers Telephone Conversation with Cure Heart

Enjoy phone conversation with your favorite heroes and a heroine

As usual, Bandai's official online store Premium Bandai has started taking pre-orders for this year's "Charadeco Christmas," 15cm-size character decorated Christmas cakes featuring popular anime/tokusatsu series such as Dokidoki! PreCure, Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, Kamen Rider Gaim, Pokémon XY, and Aikatsu!. Each cakes comes with special items like mini figures and a box illustrated with the characters. The prices for PreCure, Zyuranger, Gaim, and Aikatsu! cakes are 3,990 yen (about US$40.79) and that for the Pokémon cakes is 3,675 yen (US$37.5). Which Charadeco cake do you want for Christmas?


And special feature for the PreCure, Zyuranger, and Kamen Rider Gaim cakes is the access right to the "Charadeco Hero & Heroine Dial" telephone service. If you register your kid's information on the special site with the serial number which comes with the cakes, your kid will be able to enjoy phone

conversation with Cure Heart, Tyranno Ranger, or Gaim on the day you like. The content of the conversations

will be matched with your pre-registered answers about your kid including age, favorite foods, future dreams,

and such.


Dokidoki!PreCure Charadeco Christmas cake


Special box for the cake


The banner for "Charadeco Heroine Dial"


Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger cake


Kamen Rider Gaim cake


Pokémon XY cake


Aikatsu! cake


Source: press release


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