"Mighty No. 9" Funding Clears $4 Million, Zaps Through All Stretch Goals

Final addition adds an online Battle Race mode

It was just earlier today that the Kickstarter for Keiji Inafune and Comcept's Mega Man inspired Mighty No. 9 was coming to an end. At the time of the last post 3DS and Vita versions were the most recently cleared stretch goal, but now it's all over, and with PayPal included they managed to blast through every single one. 


The final stretch goal sat patiently waiting at the $4 million mark, and it will bring an online Battle Race mode to the game when it launches in 2015. Other cleared goals since the last update include a single-player stage and boss for protagonist Beck's partner, Call, and optional retro-style chiptune music and FX.


Here's the full list of completed stretch goals:



If you were one of the nearly 70,000 backers, congratulations! Though the project itself was locked down pretty much right after the Kickstarter began, Mighty No. 9's massive success makes it the third most-funded Kickstarter video game in history. 



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