Packaging Shots Show 17+ Rating for "Attack on Titan" 3DS Game

Spike Chunsoft game due in December

Japan's Inside Gaming site has posted packaging shots for Spike Chunsoft's Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind Nintendo 3DS game. What's notable about their cover picture is that it shows a D:17+ content rating from Computer Entertainment Rating Organization. 



The scale includes

CERO A.svg All ages (全年齢対象 Zen nenrei taishō)
CERO B.svg Ages 12 and up (12才以上対象 Jūnisai ijō taishō)
CERO C.svg Ages 15 and up (15才以上対象 Jūgosai ijō taishō)
CERO D.svg Ages 17 and up (17才以上対象 Jūnanasai ijō taishō)
CERO Z.svg Ages 18 and up only (18才以上のみ対象 Jūhassai ijō nomi taishō)


For reference, the first Akiba's Trip game, where you walk around Akihabara defeating vampire like creature's by pulling off their clothes, got a C:15 rating.



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