VIDEO: "Hajime No Ippo - Rising" OP Song PV by Wasureranneyo

From the 2nd album "Sora wo Miagetemo Sora Shika Neeyo"

Wasureranneyo (literally means I can't forget) is a three member Japanese rock band which was formed in December 2008. "Yakan Hikou" (Night flight), the leading track from their 2nd album "Sora Wo Miagetemo Sora Shika Neeyo" (Looking up at the sky, there is only sky), which is scheduled to be released in Japan on October 16, will be featured as the OP theme for a 2013 fall TV anime Hajime no Ippo - Rising. They have posted a web-edition promotional video for the song on their official YouTube channel. The third TV anime series of George Morikawa's long-running boxing manga Hajime no Ippo will premiere in Japan this Saturday night on October 5.  


"Yakan Hikou" web-edition PV


"Yakan Hikou" CD cover


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