New Airline-Themed Merchandise for "Uta No Prince Sama"

Princes in pilot suits revealed!

Artist management company Shining Office, where idols from multi-media otome franchise Uta No Prince Sama are managed has started a new airline, Shining Airline and a new image of idols in pilot suits has been released. It's a new art theme being introduced for the new line of character merchandise that will be available during the Animate Girls Festival in November.



Stunning princes in pilot attire, above. The Animate Girls Festival as hosted by Animate gathers otome- related vendors for character merchandise sales, cosplay events and otome content stages. Tickets are sold out already and the rumor has it that it sold out shortly after this image was posted.



Shining Airlines pin badge in two colors

900 yen each at the event and online after the event. 7 rookie pilots wear the navy and 4 senior pilots wear white (that pretty much means you need both).




Shining Airline Travel Porch 1500 yen each

Reiji, Otoya and Tokiya version


Ranmaru, Masato and Ren version



Ai, Natsuki and Sho version



Camus and Cecil version



Shining Airline Postcard Collection in a tin  1,500 yen




The full list of Shining Airline merchandise is available at the official site. They will be on sale at AGF on November 2nd to 3rd, then again online after the event.



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