Crunchyroll to Stream "Little Busters! Refrain" Anime

Starts October 5, at 7:00am Pacific Time

Hark! The sequel to the hit anime series Little Busters! is joining Crunchyroll’s fall 2013 simulcast line up! Little Busters! Refrain is set to broadcast every Saturday starting on October 5, at 7:00am Pacific Time for its premium members, with free members able to watch one week later. More information can be found on



Story and background

The sequel to the hit series Little Busters!, Little Busters! Refrain returns to Riki Naoe and his group of childhood friends, who form a baseball team called “Little Busters.” J.C. Staff is once again doing the animation production on this series, and director Yoshiki Yamakawa returns as well to helm the series as director once more.


The cast features Yui Horie as Riki Naoe, best known for her roles in Fruits Basket as Toru Honda and Love Hina as Naru Narusegawa, with Hikaru Midorikawa of Gundam Wing's Heero Yuy fame, as the leader of gang, Kyousuke Natsume and Tomoe Tamiyasu, who also voiced Futami Moriyama in Recorder and Randsell, as his sister, Rin Natsume.


Little Busters! Refrain will be available to Crunchyroll’s audience in the following territories: USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Scandinavia, Turkey, Central America, South America, Caribbean, French speaking regions, German speaking regions, Turkey, Italy, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, France, French DOM-TOM, Andorra, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco. 


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