VIDEO: Nana Mizuki Voices in PR Anime Short for Her Home Prefecture

Produced by Academy Award-winning company Robot Communications

Matsuyama-city is the capital city of Ehime Prefecture in the Shikoku island. Ehime is well known among anime fans as the native prefecture of popular anime voice actress/singer Nana Mizuki who was born in Niihama-city on January 21, 1980. Matsuyama-city brought online a 9 minutes 39 seconds promotional anime short titled Matsu to Yanma to Moburi-san: Nanatsu no Hihou to Soratobu Oshiro (Matsu and Yanma and Moburi-san: The Seven Treasures and the Flying Castle) on October 2. Mizuki plays one of the title characters, 17-year-old high school girl Moburi-san, along with Misa Watanabe (Nefertari Vivi in One Piece, Northa in Fresh PreCure!) as 10-year-old boy Matsu and Matsuyama-born voice actress Mayuko Kouichi as 11-year-old boy Yanma (with a hat). Obviously the names Matsu and Yanma are taken from the name of the city, Matsuyama.


The anime short tells Matsu, Yanma, and Moburi-san's adventure to seek for the seven treasures hidden in the city. On the way, the anime also introduces the city's sightseeing areas like Matsuyama Castle and Dougo Onsen (hot springs). The anime is produced by Tokyo-based company Robot Communications which won an Academy Award in Best Animated Short Film category for La Maison en Petits Cubes in 2008. The production cost was 8 million yen (about US$82,000). 





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Source: Yomiuri Shimbun


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