VIDEO: Bishoujo Government in Action in "Liberation Maiden SIN" Opening

3DS action game gets a visual novel sequel in Japan this December

Level-5 and Suda51's Guild01 3DS action game Liberation Maiden is being spun off into Liberation Maiden Sin, a PS3 visual novel from 5pb. (Steins;Gate), scheduled for December 5th.


Get a look at the newly posted opening...




Liberation Maiden Sin's story picks up right after the 3DS game. In it, Japan has used its aviation might to win a war independence against the major powers,” and is now split in a civil Second War of Liberation.  To wage this, teen with mystical powers have been elected into leadership roles and appointed into high level government position.


The protagonist is Tomoaki Maeno voiced Kiyoto Kaidou, Chief of Staff to the first game's heroine and now President  Shouko Oozora (voiced by Kana Hanazawa).



Members of the “Fighting Cabinet” include

Minister of Justice Chiruko Minami - Aoi Yūki


Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshino Sakuragi - Ayane Sakura 


Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Komiko Tamaki - Mikako Komatsu 


Minister of Foreign Affairs Hijiri Fuwa - Mamiko Noto


Minister of Defense Kaguya Akeboshi - Satomi Akesaka 


Director General of Science and Technology Miburi Onnoun - Rina Satou


11 meter Liberator mecha


The game also has giant weapons disguised as landmarks


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