"Arakawa Under The Bridge" Author Posts Her Sketches

Her scribbles were never going to be seen if she had not posted them

Nakamura Hikaru, the original author of Arakawa Under The Bridge and Saint Young Men was working on her work illustrations, but decided to scrap them since they were not main characters and if she drew them, she would have had to draw the main characters and that would have been too much work.  However, to the fan's great pleasure, she decided to post them on Twitter! The illustrations are of supporting characters from Saint Young Men and some handling their smartphones.



Saint Andrew from Saint Young Men


Saint Peter from Saint Young Men


Nakamura admits that she gave up in the middle of drawing John the Apostle.



Lucifer from Saint Young Men



And we can never forget Hoshi.



Below is one illustration that she got too creeped out with, even though she did it herself.

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