Mamoru Miyano To Sing "Wooser" Second Season Opening Theme

Announced at his first Budokan live show

Voice actor Miyano Mamoru, the voice of Light from Death Note, Okabe Rintaro from STEINS; GATE and Ichinose Tokiya from Uta No Prince Sama, successfully had his first Budokan live show on October 4th in Japan and at the show, he announced the release of his 10th single, which will be the opening theme of the second season of the Wooser's Hand-to-mouth Life  anime that is due in January 2014. Miyano does the voice of the main character, Wooser.


Wooser and Rin from the series above.



Miyano's Budokan live show also marks the first solo live show at Budokan by a male artist who is also a voice actor. Many voice actors and actresses were spotted at the live show, including fellow prince, Suwabe Junichi (voice of Jinguji Ren from Uta No Prince Sama) who posted the above photo of the Budokan after the show. Kaji Yuuki (voice of Eren from Attack On Titan)and Fukuyama Jun (voice of Hanamiya Makoto from Kuroko's Basketball second season)made guest appearances on stage as a part of a comedy skit during the show as well.



Source: Ota-suke

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