POLL: Japanese Men Vote On Cosplay That They Don't Find Moe

Even if it's done by their girlfriends, they say they don't get excited

When we talk about cosplay in the anime community it usually means the cosplay of a fictional character from anime / manga / games. However, for the rest of the world, it usually means simply sporting a costume that is not regularly worn by the wearer. Such "cosplay" are often used by couples trying to re-ignite their relationships in Japan. To answer which cosplay is most effective in the situation, My Navi Women conducted a web questionnaire in September to ask Japanese men what cosplay that they just can't find "moe", even if it was worn by their girlfriends. The research questionnaire collected 189 votes and here are the surprising results.



#1 Kugurumi  49.7 %

"I can't appreciate her feminine curves" (28 year-old, Customer Service)

"There is nothing feminine about it" (32 year-old, IT Professional)




#2 Taisougi (Japanese PE clothing)  20.1%

"No sexiness what so ever" (24-year-old, other)

"I can't get excited because it's associated with sweaty smells "35-year-old, Creative professional)




#2 Bondage  19.1%

"It's only erotic but nothing else" (26-year-old, Chemical professional)

"I just don't like bondage (33-year-old, IT professional)





#4 Bunny girl and Babydoll  18%

"It's too obvious" (28-year-old, Agriculture professional)

"I saw a girl who I liked at the time dressing up as a bunnygirl at Halloween and got turned off" (27-year-old, Softwear engineer)

"Babydoll shows too much skin" (31-ear-old, Tech professtional)

"Amount of skin is not everything (26-year-old, public servant)





#6 Sailor Fuku (Japanese girls' school uniform), Race Queen Outfit and School Mizugi (School swimsuit)  15.9%





#9 Leotard  14.3%




#10 Maid uniform  13.8%

The poll results seem very conservative as it included a lot of signature costumes that people think of when talking about cosplay. Also keep in mind that the answers were collected from regular working males, not otaku males who are used to the idea of cosplay.

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