New Live Entertainment Theater's "Nobunaga The Fool" Voice Cast Revealed

Popular voice actors perform roles while Shoji Kawamori directs the play

The new multidimensional theater project by Satelight and Avex Live Creative titled The Fool has had the voice cast confirmed for their first play in Nobunaga The Fool, which is planned for a December debut. The wartime Sci-Fi human drama that merges Eastern and Western history that already sounds like a typical Kawamori project is a new live entertainment show that combines live voice acting by voice actors, live acting by actors on stage and live music performance in a new type of theater play.



The above character design is done by Kazuki Yone (Hakuoki), these characters will be projected on stage during memorable scenes and to show close ups of facial expressions while voice actors and actors on stage perform in sync.


Miyano Mamoru as Oda Nobunaga


Sakurai Takahiro as Akechi Mitsuhide



Kaji Yuuki as Toyotomi Hideyoshi


Chihara Minori as Ichihime


The music will be done by Yoshimata Ryo, a Japanese composer famous for his work with Japanese dramas. The first event will be on December 18th in Japan and tickets will be on sale October 12th on the official site and November 11th for the general public.


Source: Animate TV


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