VIDEO: Go Nagai's "Devil Man" Promotes Japan's FTTH Internet Service

One of the most important works in the Japanese manga history

Japanese internet provider company So-net has recently launched a new FTTH internet access service "NURO" and has run an advertisement campaign called "NURO DEVILMAN" featuring Go Nagai's classic manga from 1970s, Devil Man. The names of the actor and actress with the Devil Man face makeup will be revealed later on the official site. Many thinks the man is Pierre Taki, a member of technopop group Denki Groove, and the woman is 21-year-old Japanese actress Mugi Kadowaki (School Girl Complex). The German opera song in the CMs is a cover song of "Devil Man no Uta," the OP theme for the TV anime which was aired in Japan from July 1972 to March 1973. The singer is also not revealed yet.


NURO TVCM [NURO DEVILMAN: In the case of the man]



NURO TVCM [NURO DEVILMAN: In the case of the woman]




[NURO DEVILMAN] image video


Source: press release

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