British Biker Asks For Funeral With Friends In Cosplay

Mourning in cosplay just as the deceased requested

At the last moment of your life, how would you like your life to be celebrated? Fun-loving British biker Gary Pattison pased away 5 days after getting into an accident. 42-year-old Gary always requested his friends and family to attend his last service in fun cosplay and that was exactly what went on at his funeral.



Mourners in cosplay




This in not a registration line at a local con. Close to 250 people attended his last service.




There was a street performer and it is starting to look like a festival instead of a funeral.




If only the 1-up mushroom was available in real life.




How awesome is it to remember your life with bacon?



Gary was also a motorcycle instructor and his friends were there on two wheels as well.




Rest in Peace, Mr. Gary Pattison. This is a great way for your friends and family to remember you.



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