"Amnesia" Stage Musical Production Announced for Next January

Multiple endings with different characters also confirmed

A new musical adaptation of the popular otome franchise Amnesia has been announced. 15 stages are scheduled over 10 days and there will be 5 different endings to the show, just like the otome game. Below, the announcement trailer




Just as you guessed, not much information is available at this time, but the schedule is set for January of 2014 at the Hakuhinkan Theater in Tokyo. Tickets are 6500 yen for normal seats and 8500 yen for "Queen" seats with better seating plus an exclusive gift. No minors are allowed.



The musical schedule chart above shows which stage will have what ending with the deck of cards symbols just like the game. Heart for Shin, Spade for Ikki, Club for Kent, Diamond for Toma and Joker for Ukyo. Cast information is not available yet.


(c) IF/DF Amnesia 製作委員会

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