Yen Press Licenses "High School DxD" Manga

Plus publisher's special Watamote greeting for event

Today was Yen Press' turn to announce a slate of manga licenses at New York Comic Con. The most recognizable name, and a nice representative of the trend towards the supernatural was High School DxD, Ichiei Ishibumi and Hiroji Mishima's manga take on the series about a lech resurrected as a demon. 



Alice in the Country of Diamond Fan Book - featuring manga, PSP game tips, creator interviews and art

Demon From a Foreign Land by Kaori Yuki (Godchild), a hardcover is planned for next year

From Baka Update's description

During the age of romanticism in Japan, the capital was leveled to the ground by a powerful earthquake. One of the many orphans it left was Sorato, who was taken in by Baron Kamichika. In his new home, the “Blood Blossom” Estate, Sorato meets the baron’s heir, Garan, and his fiancee, Kiyora, and the three swear their eternal friendship. But that promise is soon showered in blood because of secrets and desires nobody could have ever imagined to exist…

He's My Only Vampire (Junketsu + Kareshi) by Aya Shouto

From Baka Updates

Kana Takachiho, despite her disadvantages, is a pretty nice girl. She's friendly, outgoing, and used to be good at sports until she was injured in a freak accident, losing the scholarship keeping her in school, and earning her the disdain of her fellow classmates. Oh, and her childhood friend and (self-proclaimed) boyfriend, Aki, just so happens to be a vampire who turned her into his slave after drinking her blood on their first date.

But Aki's not just any vampire; he's a Pureblood, and he's participating in a game to find the seven "Stigmas" in order to wake his twin brother and Kana's other childhood friend, Eriya, from his mysterious slumber...

Ani-Imo (Ani ga Imouto de Imouto ga Ani de. ) by Haruko Kumatani, Yen Press'm first license from Kodansha

From Baka Updates' description

Youta and Hikaru, a twin pair of siblings, have grown up together and been close all their life. Since their parents are gone from dusk til dawn running a bar, Youta has stepped into the role of housewife of the family: cooking, cleaning, and generally getting things done. His twin sister Hikaru always had trouble showing emotion, thereby leading to people to fear and misunderstand her. One morning after certain things come to light about their family, Youta and Hikaru are involved in a car accident. Upon awakening, they find they've switched bodies!

Void's Enigmatic Mansion by HeeEun Kim and JiEun Ha. a full color series with simultaneously digital release planned

 With volume hitting shops at the end of the month, Yen Press prepared a special Watamote greeting for th event


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