Government Shutdown Forces Delay of Select "Pokemon XY" Game Shipments

Game officially launched today via retail and eShop

While many of you may be over the moon with your copies of Pokemon X/Y after waiting months for the game, kids and families stationed on many of our nation's military bases aren't so lucky. As a result of the ongoing partial government shutdown, kids and adults eagerly awaiting their copies of the games won't be able to get them today, and there's no word on when the games will be made available after the shutdown ends.


Government Shutdown Pokemon X+Y


Yes, the option to buy the games via eShop is an option, but for many in the military, it's easier to purchase the retail version of the game than it is to buy and download, especially if the bases are overseas. All the more reason for Congress to hurry up and get its act together. Otherwise, military kids are going to end up hating Congress for delaying their copies and we all know D.C. can't afford that, can they?


Have any of you been personally affected by the shutdown, or have had your copies of X+Y delayed as a result?


via GoNintendo

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