"Tiger & Bunny" Heroes Check Your Weight With New Digital Scale

Anime branded body composition scale with Kotetsu and Barnaby voices included!

The new hero appearing in Tiger & Bunny the Movie -The Rising- Golden Ryan is already receiving lots of attention with his sponsor, Japanese body composition monitor maker Tanita Corporation. The company has announced a new Tiger & Bunny branded body composition monitor with exclusive voices by Kotetsu/Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr, with pre-orders already open at TSUTAYA stores and TSUTAYA Online in Japan. 






Tanita's quality body composition monitor, Tiger & Bunny Inner Scan doesn't just take your weight measurement, it can also scan your body fat persentage, visceral fat level, muscle mass, basal metabolism, metabolism age, estimated bone mass AND have Kotesu (voiced by Hirata Hiroaki) and Barnaby (voiced by Morita Masakazu) tell you what they are. The price is set at 16,800 yen, including an exclusive illustration board of Wild Tiger, Barnaby Brooks Jr. and Golden Ryan. Anyone who orders during the pre-order period should be able to buy it. The pre-order period closes on November 30th, the product release date is March 10th, 2014.





Product package design above. On the TSUTAYA site, there are 3 sample voices and judging from what I heard, this is more like a voice navigated body composition monitor. Tanita's official Twitter account is famous for its postings that shows the account manger's personal preferences for anime and Tiger & Bunny was one of the anime that was frequently mentioned.



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