"Monogatari Second Season" Vol. 2 BD/DVD Cover Revealed

Featuring Black Hanekawa!

The Nishio Ishin Anime Project official site has been updated with the image of the Monogatari BD/DVD vol. 2 cover, featuring Black Hanekawa. I don't know about you but just the mention of Nekomonogatari White is enough to tear me up even after the anime had moved on to the other heroines and the first limited edition of the home video release comes with something that I know will make me lose it: a special bonus full-length audio clip of Tsubasa's letter.


Nekomonogatari White vol. 2 Tsubasa Tiger (Second part)

Release date November 27th, 2014 in Japan

Special limited edition: Blu-ray 7350 yen, DVD 6300 yen

Regular edition: DVD 5250 yen


Track list:

Tsubasa Tiger #4

Tsubasa Tiger #5


Special Limited Edition Bonus:

  • Exclusive Illustration Cover by Watanabe Akio, character designer
  • Bonus CD (Nekomonogatari White Soundtrack, Atogatari complete version)
  • Character Commentary written by Nishio Ishin*
  • Clear case
  • Special booklet
  • 2 end card pin-up
  • Bonus video (Summary video 1, non-credit ending theme, TV-version non-credit ending)
  • Bonus audio (complete Tsubasa's Letter)


*Character commentary is done by Araragi Tsukihi and Sengoku Nadeko



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