"Tiger & Bunny" New Movie Corporate Sponsor Change Made Rock Bison's Nickname To Beef Bowl

No more Gyukaku-san, hello Gyudon-san! Plus the full list of new sponsors with new hero suits

A lot of announcement came out of Tiger & Bunny's event, Tiger & Bunny the Movie -The Rising- Super Prelude that happened on Saturday, 12th in Japan. As a part of the announcement, the new list of corporate sponsors of the heroes was revealed and it shocked some fans.  Many may remember that Rock Bison was mostly referred to as "Gyukaku-san" because of his first corporate sponsor, Japanese Yakiniku restaurant chain, Gyukaku, but it will be different as he gained new sponsor! The Rising is due at the theaters on February 8th, 2014 in Japan.



Rock Bison in action with familiar Gyukaku logo from the TV series, above.



Rock Bison and Gyukaku restaurant had one of the most productiove relationship out of the series as the restaurant did a collaboration event with a special menu, completed with Rock Bison ice cream dessert.




To fans surprise, Rock Bison now has a new sponsor, still beef related, but it's Sukiya, a Japanese beef bowl chain. Are we calling him "Gyudon-san" now?  The movie official site updated the new image of the hero with the new sponsor, Sukiya and instant noodle, Futomen Doudou.





Kusunoki Taitem, the voice of Rock Bison/Antonio Lopez, already paid a visit to his new sponsor, Sukiya on the way home from the Prelude event. The beef bowl looks great!





Just in case you are wondering what other new corporations joined T&B team. Wild Tiger newly gained Lotte Co., Ltd, multinational food giant known as "A lover of your mouth" from their many schewing gum products.



No change for Barnaby, except for the hero suit.



New hero, Golden Ryan received 3 corporate sponsors.



No change for Blue Rose! Whew!



Dragon Kid keeps two sponsors for her head gear.



Fire Emblem gained Domino's Pizza from the film adaptation.



I wonder if that's his new signature pose? Sky High gets 4 sponsors total.



Origami senpai gets Nanja Town in Ikebukuro and the collaboration event was announced just in time for the Rising movie. Since Ooedo Onsen Monogatari is also his sponsor, fans in Japan can possibly expect a collaboration event with the spa facility as well.






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