"Kingdom Hearts III" Info Unveiled at Disney's D23 Expo

Riku's return, Sora's transforming Keyblade and more!

Well damn, that was quick! Late last week, Tetsuya Nomura assured Kingdom Hearts fans that some fresh information was on the way, and Square Enix delivered earlier today at Disney's D23 Expo! Held at the Tokyo Disney Resort, the expo had a special "Kingdom Hearts Limited Stage" event, which showed off a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III.



Photo by Gamer.ne.jp


FF-Reunion shared some info about the trailer, which reportedly shows off quite a bit of action, including Sora's Keyblade transforming mid-battle to launch multiple Fire spells at Heartless that are invading Traverse Town. Other action scenes include Sora, Donald, and Goofy fighting enemies while on a swaying theme-park-like pirate ship ride, and taking on Hercules' Rock Titan while on the Big Thunder Mountain train.


Another on-site report by Gamer.ne.jp shares word from Tetsuya Nomura about the return of Riku, who will bring his hilariously huge (for his age) muscles back to Kingdom Hearts III. Sora and Riku will also be sporting new outfits for the game.


Now, the original report from late last week promised a video from Tetsuya Nomura on Sony's Play Community, and that's still coming--hopefully with the trailer they showed at the D23 event! This is all super-early information for a game that's still a ways away, but it's cool to hear nonetheless. What are you hoping for from Kingdom Hearts III?

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