Elizabeth From "Gintama" Turned Into A Bun With Mystery Flavor

Twitter promotion to guess the flavor is underway

Japanese convenience store chain Lawson has introduced a new Elizabeth-shaped bun in collaboration with Gintama. However, the flavor is still unannounced for the bun that will be available from November 5th. Any seasoned Gintama fan will guess at many different possibilities, with a Twitter promotion to guess the flavor for special prizes.


After all, the inside of Elizabeth in the series is an old man. What can we expect in the bun that's inspired by the character? The official campaign site will provide weekly hints to guess the flavor and this week's hint is "That thing at the Sakata household". The next hint will be posted on October 22nd. On the same site, the legally required allergy disclosure is posted and it says the product contains soy, pork and gelatin, assuring us that it will be edible.



To participate in the Twitter promotion, first follow Lawson's official Twitter account, then click on the red apply button in the middle of the promotion page to tweet your guess with the hash tag "#エリザベスまん". The winner will receive a DM from the official Twitter account to notify entrants. 100 people who guessed the correct flavor will receive a special Elizabeth bun cushion and 3 winners will receive a Gintama the Movie BD/DVD autographed by the cast members.


Source: Netlab



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