"Free!" x Animate Collaboration Cafe Offers Mackerel Pineapple Drink

Animate's cafe caravan special limited time menu announced

The Animate Cafe has announced their latest collaboration event for their Animate Cafe Caravan food truck with hit swimming anime Free! right after the end of TV series. The cafe has also finally posted the special menu on their site for the cafe's October 17th opening date. The menu includes a special drink for each of the 5 boys and one special Mackerel Pineapple drink.



Sabapple Juice 500 yen

This visually striking drink has a star shaped pineapple slice, soda and mackerel shaped chocolate. This drink is only available during the  Animate Girls Festval on November 2nd and 3rd. As for the rest of the menu, since it's a food truck and not the full service cafe, only non-alcoholic drinks are served with titles that are inspired by the character.



Show Me The Drink I Have Never Seen! 500 yen

Haruka's drink is mixed with blue curacao and soda plus blue jelly and Konpeitou (a star-shaped Japanese confection).



Drink For The Future With All The Feels 500 yen

Granny Smith syrup, soda, green jelly and apple puree features in Makoto's drink.



Have Fun Times With Nagisa! Drink 500 yen

Mango syrup, soda, yellow jelly and frozen mango in Nagisa's drink.



I'll Show You The Difference Between You And Me! 500 yen

Strawberry syrup, soda, red jelly and frozen berries in Rin's drink.



This Is My Beautiful Drink 500 yen

Açaí juice, soda= purple jelly and blueberry puree features in Rei's drink.

Each drink will come with one of the special coasters of choice above.


Free! character rusks are 500 yen for a set of 5.


Free! Clear File is 350 yen.




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