Japanese Use New earth Japan Photo App To Hilarious Results

earth Japan photo app produces many hilarious anime and voice actor memes overnight

You may have heard about earth Japan, a Japanese apparel brand that is doing many collaborations with anime titles such as Kuroko's Basketball and most recently,  K-ON! The fashion brand released a free camera app for creating fashionable Instagram-style photos with poetic lines and their logo on them so users can create their own stylish photos to promote their brand.


The #earthphoto hashtag should have been flooded with photos of stylish people right out of their product catalogs. Unfortunately, Japanese users have turned the app into an instant meme creator and some using anime-related images are nice, while others are hilarious.



You can download the app for both Android and iPhone. The app lets you add the brand's ad copies as 14 stamps and the logo to the photo taken with the camera or from your photo album/camera roll. Let's look at some photos found at #earthphoto.






via @kandumedume  Image from Attack On Titan

Stamp used says "You put a scarf on me. I cried."






via @rei_hamine  Image from Black Jack

Stamp used says "Even a coat has a heart."





via @lirichidaze  Image from Kuroko's Basketball

Stamp used says "If you tell me you hate me, I will tell you I like you".





via @run_1214  Image from Brothers Conflict

Stamp used says "What are you going to wear tomorrow to live?"

This stamp seems to be very popular as the same one was used on 4 images below.




via @otaku_tuki  Image from


via @96vip2525  Image from Free!



via @Beat_it_Love__  Image of voice actor, Sugita Tomokazu (voice of Gintoki from )





via @tarako130  Image from Magi

This user slightly modified the above stamp to say, "I won't wear anything tomorrow to live".






Gintoki went one step further. The stamp used says "If you are shivering, I will be your clothes".



via @su_ji_RDJ 

Stamp used says "Are you okay? Yes. I'm okay".

Okay, if you say so.

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