"Sailor Moon" Moon Wand For Older Fans Introduced

Almost 1 to 1 ratio magical wand even comes with the voice of Usagi

Bandai started a new brand in PROPLICA to serve older fans of anime by upgrading toys that they may have enjoyed when they were young and their first release will be almost 1 to 1 ratio "Moon Stick" from Sailor Moon, complet with the voice of Usagi by Kotono Mitsuishi for the first time built into moon wand replicas.


The new Moon Stick is created with extra attention to the shape and the lighting effects to achieve the highest similarity to the real thing. The product includes the display stand as well.



The new Moon Stick comes with the "Maboroshi No Gin Suishou (Silver Imperium Crystal)" which was not included when the first replica toy was introduced in 1992. The crystal part has a seven color LED to reproduce the power up effect seen in the anime.



This is the first time any Moon Stick comes with the voice of Mitsuishi. The release is planned in April, 2014 for 8800 yen. The prototype will be on display at Bandai's Tamashii Nations event starting on November 1st in Japan.


© 武内直子・PNP・東映アニメーション
© Naoko Takeuchi


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