VIDEO: Unconventional PS Vita RPG "Criminal Girls Invitation" Previewed

Port's punishment system to take advantage of Vita's touch screen

Here's an interesting concept married to some iffy gender politics. Originally released for the PSP, Criminal Girls, developed by Image Epoch and published by Nippon Ichi Software, presents a party of  female convicts only take your commands as suggestions, so you must punish them to correct their vices as they escape towards reincarnation.  Its new "Invitation" Vita port, coming November 28th, has a new story episode, two new characters and a mature rating. 


The game's punishment system, involving smacking, tickling, smearing oils, embarrassing clothes and stripping down to undergarments and stockings,  will be taking advantage of the Vita's touch screen - if you go to the official site, and click on the button on the top right, you can practice punishing the girls - or if you select the rival warden, she punishes you.






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