"Dragon Quest," "Final Fantasy," and "Tales" Crossover Discussed by Producers

"You wanna do it?" "Yeah, I want to, what about you?" "Sure, why not!"

When it comes to video game crossovers, RPGs tend to stay in their own individual worlds, not counting company-wide all-star titles like Dissidia or the Fortune Street games. In an interview in this month's issue of V Jump, three movers and shakers of the JRPG world talked about the possibility of a triple-threat crossover featuring Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, and the Tales series!


Hideo Baba (Tales producer): "If you can do it, then by all means!"


Yosuke Saito (Dragon Quest producer): "Shall we? We can start right away."


Baba: "How about [Dragonball/Dragon Quest's Akira] Toriyama's first Tales game?


Shinji Hashimoto (Final Fantasy producer): "If Toriyama is okay with it, then we're okay with it. As long as we stay true to the world view, I think [Dragon Quest creator Yuji] Horii would be okay with it, too. How about Kosuke Fujishima (Tales character designer) draws for Final Fantasy, and Tetsuya Nomura (Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts character designer) does Dragon Quest?


Baba: "I'm pretty sure Fujishima would do it."


Who cares about the game itself, I'm just excited at the possibility of seeing these different artists all taking on each others' creations! What do you think? Would you be interested in a Dragon Quest/Final Fantasy/Tales crossover? I'm holding out hope for a back-to-back badass moment with Zell, Jude, and a DQIX Monk taking on an army barehanded, but which characters would you want to see in a once-in-a-lifetime crossover like this?


Thanks to InternationalGamer1986 for the tip!

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