Gundam Front Tokyo Offers Zaku Head Cushion "Zakushion"

One of the iconic mobile suits from the Gundam series

Gundam Front Tokyo, a museum dedicated to the Mobile Suit Gundam anime saga on the 7th floor of the DiverCity Tokyo Plaza shopping center in Odaiba, will offer a 40cm-size cushion named "Zakushion," which is modeled after the head of MS-06 Zaku II Mass Production Type, exclusively at its official store in late October. Zaku II is a mobile suit designed by Kunio Okawara for the first Mobile Suit Gundam TV series in 1979-1980, and is still one of the most popular mobile suits. The price for the "Zakushion" with the logo of Gundam Front Tokyo at the bottom is 3,980 yen (about US$40.57).



The anime image of Zaku II


Source: Gundam. info


© Sotsu/Sunrise


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