"Uta No Prince Sama" Official Theatrical Troupe Announced

Princes also active on Twitter until February

Shining Office, the artist management agency in Uta No Prince Sama has announced the formation of the Shining Theatrical Troupe, 3 theatrical troupes made up of idols which will have new songs, drama CD releases and merchandise sales to come. As a part of the promotion, the current official character Twitter accounts will also be active from now until February 28th, blurring the line of reality and fiction in the minds of fangirls.



The current top page of the official theatrical troupe project currently shows 3 plays that will be released with the dates as you see above. The idols are divided into 3 groups to work on 3 different plays. Each play will be released as a CD that contains the official theme song performed by the group, the play itself and the behind-the-scenes story. The Special Limited Editions come with an official script book with notes by the idols. The Special Limited Editions are 3150 yen while the regular editions are 2300 yen each. Each project will also have official merchandise sales.



Masquerade Mirage will be released first this Christmas. Kotobuki Reiji, Mikaze Ai and Shinomiya Natsuki are masked to spend a magical night of dance with you. One night, Lazy (Reiji), a noble who is little too concerend about his little sister attends a masquerade with his noble friend, Sino (Natsuki). Then a mysterious Einsats (Ai) arrives at the party.

Track List:

1. Theme song Masquerade Mirage

2. Talk before the performance "Tall Child and Short Adult"

3. Theater: Masquerade Mirage

4. Theme song Masquerade Mirage (instrumental)





Tenka Muteki No Shinobi Michi (Invincible Way Of Ninja) will be out on January 29th. The team Ninja are Ittoki Otoya, Hijirikawa Masato, Kurusu Sho and Aijima Cecil. the play is set in war period Japan, where 2 ninjas, Masagake (Masato) and Shonosuke (Sho) are appointed to protect a princess who Otoyaemon (Otoya) and Cecilmaru (Cecil) were ordered to kill. On one night, all 4 ninja meet at a castle to decide their fate.

Track List:

1. Theme song Tenka Muteki No Shinobi Michi (Invincible Way Of Ninja)

2. Talk before the performance "Coming to the dressing team! Team Ninja"

3. Theater: Tenka Muteki No Shinobi Michi (Invincible Way Of Ninja)

4. Theme song Tenka Muteki No Shinobi Michi (Invincible Way Of Ninja) (instrumental)




The last release is JOKER TRAP on February 26th, 2014 with Kurosaki Ranmaru, Camus, Ichinose Tokiya and Jinguji Ren. 4 idols are spies in this play and their code names are Spikey Clubs (Ranmaru), Majestic Spades (Camus), Perfect Diamonds (Tokiya) and Tricky hearts (Ren). 4 spies try to get highly confidential information from a lady without teamwork because they don't do that. The most entertaining game of deception opens.

Track List:

1. Theme song JOKER TRAP

2. Talk before the performance "Tension And Orangette"

3. Theater: JOKER TRAP

4. Theme song JOKER TRAP (instrumental)



Here is the list of the current official character Twitter accounts (tweets are in Japanese, though Camus and Cecil sometimes tweet in Romaji). This means they are active on all the events and holidays coming up, including Halloween, Uta No Prince Sama 3rd Live Stage (live concert by the voice actors) in Japan, Christmas (which is a huge date night in Japan), New Year's Eve, New Year and Valentine's day, not to mention the releases of each CD that they can tweet about, making it too easy to believe the Princes do exist in reality.

Hyuga Ryuya

Shining Saotome

Tsukimiya Ringo


Mikaze Ai

Kurosaki Ranmaru

Kotobuki Reiji

Jinguji Ren

Kurusu Sho

Aijima Cecil

Ichinose Tokiya

Shinomiya Natsuki

Hijirikawa Masato

Ittoki Otoya



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