VIDEO: Voice Actor Mamoru Miyano's Latest Song "Identity" PV with Chinese Subtitles

From the 4th album "PASSAGE"

Japanese record company King Records officially posted a full promotional video with Chinese subtitles for popular voice actor Mamoru Miyano's latest song "Identity" on its YouTube channel today. The song is included in his 4th album "PASSAGE," which was released in Japan on September 18. The album took 1st place in the Tower Records Shinjuku weekly anime song ranking of of September 16-22. The 30-year-old voice actor is best known for his voice works as Light Yagami in Death Note and Setsuna F. Seiei in Mobile Suit Gundam 00. It was announced that he would play Takeshi Nanase, the protagonist character of the 2014 TV anime Magical Warfare.


"Identity" PV


"PASSAGE" normal edition CD jacket


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