VIDEO: Official "Diabolik Lovers" Character Song Sample Playlist On YouTube

Enjoy the collection of sadistic musical pleasure

Otome game publisher Rejet has completed uploading the complete list of character song samples of the Sakamaki Brothers from the Diabolik Lovers franchise on their YouTube channel. Enjoy the dark, sexy and sadistic musical entertainment. All of the songs are already released except for Reiji's song, which will be released on November 6th and the songs are priced at 1800 yen each.



Diabolik Lovers Character Song Vol.1 ADDICTED(2)PHANTOM by Sakamaki Ayato (voiced by Midorikawa Hikaru)




 Diabolik Lovers Character Song Vol.2 KIRISAKI☆CARNIVAL by Sakamaki Kanato (voiced by Kaji Yuuki)




Diabolik Lovers Character Song Vol.3 BLOODY SABBATH by Sakamaki Raito (voiced by Hirakawa Daisuke)




Diabolik Lovers Character Song Vol.4 ZERO by Sakamaki Subaru (voiced by Kondo Takashi)




Diabolik Lovers Character Song Vol.5 Farewell Song by Sakamaki Shu (voiced by Toriumi Kosuke)




Diabolik Lovers Character Song Vol.6 Toaru Yogensha No Schicksal (Certain Prophet's Schicksal) by Sakamaki Reiji (voiced by Konishi Katsuyuki)

Relase date: November 6th


(c)2013 Rejet / IDEA FACTORY

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