Death Scene Coasters and Other "Fist of the North Star" 30th Anniversary Lottery Prizes

Tickets Sega Lucky Kuji prize lottery now on sale

In 1983, Buronson and Tetsuo Hara took the ninja manga tradition of an elite hero, brought it together with elements of the Bruce Lee kung fu and super powered psychics phenomenons, set in a Mad Max wasteland, and unleashed the seminal martial arts adventure Fist of the North Star. The 30th anniversary has been marked with an "Extreme Edition" collection of the manga, featuring a new chapter and an impressive Sega Lucky Kuji prize lottery.


villains sending their congratulations in newspaper ad last month


Extreme Edition covers, featuring new art by Tetsuo Hara



Ken following Raoh's death in new chapter



Prizes for the lottery, tickets of which are on sales this month, include


A Prize 22cm Kenshiro


B Prize 22cm Raoh

C Prize original art


D Prize Jagi mask


E Prize Raiga and Fuga ash tray


F Prize mugs


G Prize death scene coasters

H Prize clear files


I Prize quotation towles


Last Lucky chance prize Silver Raoh



Second chance prize, special color Kenshiro


Third chance prize, art signed by Tetsuo Hara


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