"Dokidoki! PreCure" TV Anime will Continue till the End of January 2014

The main writer Yamaguchi makes an official comment on Twitter

There was some confusion among the Japanese PreCure fans yesterday. Somebody illegally uploaded an image of the article from Nikkan Sport's PreCure Shimbun before its official release day (as reported, it is considered as a crime by Japanese police). The article featuring the interview with the producer of the series Hiroaki Shibata mentioned that the final episode of the ongoing TV anime series Dokidoki! PreCure would be aired at the end of year 2013. Usually, the PreCure TV anime series starts at the begining of February and ends at the end of the next year's January with around 47-50 episodes. So the fans speculated Dokidoki! would be cancelled by some reason for the first time in the PreCure TV anime history. I bought the latest PreCure Shimbun at my nearest convenience store this morning and confirmed the article itself was true. But the producer Shibata didn't say anything about the schedule of Dokidoki! in his comments. It was only written as "the final episode at the end of the year " by the writer of the article named Murakami in a sentence before Shibata's first comment.


Asked by a fan, the main writer of the series Ryota Yamaguchi, who is working as the series composition, denied the story on his twitter account today. He says, "I don't know how that kind of rumor has been spread, but the total episodes of Dokidoki! PreCure is 49 (I've already finished writing to the final episode!). The episode aired on last Sunday was the 37th. There will be no broadcast on November 3, and another break at the end or beginning of the year, but it is scheduled that the broadcasting itself will continue till the end of January."


I assume there might have been some misunderstanding between the producer and the writer. So the PreCure fans, I believe you don't have to worry about it at all.


PreCure Shimbun I bought today



The highly-anticipated latest PreCure film featuring the Dokidoki! team Dokidoki! PreCure Mana Kekkon!!? Mirai ni Tsunagu Kibou no Dress hits Japanese theaters this Saturday on October 26.




Source: Ryota Yamaguchi, PreCure Shimbun


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