Battle-Scarred Magical Girls Featured on Promo Art for "Madoka Magica" Crane Game

And as always, Namco gives the girls the goofy umaibou tasty stick mascot make-over

Through November, Namco is running a Madoka Magica amusement campaign with a crane game figure prizes, clearfiles and other goodies. As always with these promotions, the characters get goofy make-overs in the likeness of the umaibou tasty stick mascot. For the earlier movies, the girls were also featured as 8-bit characters on the associated clearfiles. This time, the extra art is battle damage. 


From the promotion for the first two movies...


umaibou prizes


Deluxe Poster






Bonus Clearfiles


Bonus post cards



Crane game prizes include...


 corn potage flavor umaibou - 40 pack

chicken curry flavor umaibou - 40 pack


Tomoe Mami ~ ~ ☆ Magi Madoka Magica figure SQ


Witch mascot charms

Super DX Plush Doll QB




clear files




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