Hindu Mythology, Epic Video Game Style!

Deities of the world's oldest living religion get a kickass modern makeover

Sometimes, you find really impressive stuff in the most unexpected places. Between memes and pictures of people at Walmart using mobility scooters, Yomimaid found something impressive on 9GAG: a collection of art featuring Hindu deities, but redone in a modern League of Legends-esque style!


A little more poking around revealed that this is the work of deviantArt user molee, real name Anirudh Sainath, an incredibly talented mixed-media artist with a gallery full of art devoted to sleek modern redesigns of the heroes and villains of Indian mythology, along with favorite characters from Street Fighter, Batman and more. Here's a sample:



Ganesha is the first god that's prayed to in Hinduism before all others, is known as a remover of obstacles, and is worshipped as a god of beginnings. Ganesha is also a patron of arts, sciences, intellect, wisdom, and learning, and if this picture is to be believed, miniguns that would make Vulcan Raven pull a muscle.



At this point, I really should clarify that Hindu mythology is filled with countryside-leveling Dragonball Z combat with a deafening Dragonforce soundtrack played on eternal loop. Rama, hero of the Ramayana and human avatar of Vishnu, rides in on the holy monkey Hanuman and does what he does best: whoop ass. Who's Vishnu, you ask? Well...



The Supreme God of Hinduism, Vishnu can appear as a man, or as his female avatar Mohini. He's part of the Trimurti--the Hindu Trinity--as the Maintainer or Preserver, alongside Shiva, the Destroyer, and...



...Brahma, Creator of all things and the best driver you could ever ask for. Blind spot? What blind spot.


I don't want to post the man's whole gallery here--check out his deviantArt to see the rest of his work! I'm always big fan of mythology showing up in video games (more on the Asura's Wrath side of things instead of God of War), and that's what Sainath's work reminded me of--well, that and the Exalted players' guide. Which mythological figures do you want to see redone in this epic-fantasy style?

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