"Kill Me Baby" Proves to be a Hit

Over 7,000 copies of "Super" album/OVA sold

In January, the official Kill Me Baby Twitter account celebrated 10,000 followers by presenting a set of 686 icons, matching the initial sales figure for the anime's Blu-ray release. Since then affection for the anime adaptation of the four panel manga strip about a normal schoolgirl and her deadly assassin classmate had seemed to be growing, and now sales on a new release bear that out. 


The songs of Kill Me Baby were collected in a "Super" best album on October 16th, packaged with a DVD of new anime.



Sales of the release actually placed on the Oricon charts for the week with over seven thousand copies sold.



Tracks include

-Kill Me no baby!
-Futari no kimochi no honto no himitsu
-Kyou mo futari de
-Wanted! OBAKA dead or alive
-Yakisoba pan
-Teenage high school ninja girl
-Akichi to noraneko
-Kill me no baby! no sara ni uzai yatsu
-Kill me no baby! no uzaku nai yatsu
-Kill me no baby! 2062 arrange
-Futari no kimochi no honto no himitsu kossetsu hen arrange
-Futari no kimochi no honto no himitsu (without MEGANE Mix) remix
-Futari no kimochi no honto no himitsu iMS-20 for iPad Mix rearrange



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