Ginoza's Coat From "PSYCHO-PASS" Now Available For Purchase

New item at Noitamina Shop

Right after the TV series ended, I remember the voice actors of PSYCHO-PASS were joking that if there would be a second season, it may be considered GINOZA-PASS on the official radio show. Now that the futuristic dystopian cop drama has been confirmed for a second season and a movie, Noitamina Apparel's focus is on Ginoza Nobuchika! If the new season will indeed be GINOZA-PASS or not has yet to be seen, the apparel brand is turning the Shepard One's coat into reality.






Close up of the patch inside, above.








The model on the top row is 5'6" tall, the model on the bottom row is 5'9" tall. The coat is 30,450 yen including tax and available at Noitamina Shop Online.


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