VIDEO: New "Free!" Teaser Posted For Vol. 3 Bonus Shorts

Original short stories will be included in vol. 3

Who misses the Free! characters in action? The anime's official site has been updated with a teaser video of the original short anime, Fr!Fr! that will be included in vol. 3 of the BD/DVD that will be released on November 6 in Japan. 2 new episodes will feature Rin and Nitori at the Samezuka dorm and Rei when he was still learning to swim.



3 Fr!Fr! "Rin To Nitori No Isshukan (Rin and Nitori's Ordinary Week)" : Rin comments about Nitori's increasingly cluttered desk.

4 Fr!Fr! "Rei No Tobikomi Moutokkun (Rei's Diving Training)": When Rei was still learning to swim while wearing the penguin speedo, he practices diving.


Nagisa is featured on vol. 3 BD/DVD cover above. The original short anime, Fr!Fr! is included in every odd numbered volume of the home disc release, while the even numbered releases include cast commentary.


(C) おおじこうじ・京都アニメーション/岩鳶高校水泳部

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