"Gatchaman Crowds" Character Designer Attached to Toshiba Web Anime

Six "hero animation" shorts launch next month

Toshiba is gearing up to promote its smart community technologies with upcoming net "heo animation" Double Circle. Based around the city of Kawasaki, the series with character designs form Gatchaman Crowds' kamabokoita will be featured in a trailer this month, a promo mid-November, and six shorts starting later that month. 




Double Circle" is the original web anime by Toshiba which has the theme of the smart community in Kawasaki. It is the story of the people who live in Kawasaki, and which incorporated the idea of "energy","environment", and "activation of the regional economy using ICT*". "Double Circle" tell you through this anime to the community development coping with both the environmental consideration and convenience / comfort.


"Double Circle" means the community which evolves infinitely by the energy and ICT in the smart community project.

People who live in Kawasaki become a hero, and beat an enemy who steals near from the time-stopped world to the evolving town Kawasaki.


Asagi : personnel of Kawasaki City office
Akane : engineer works in the smart community center
EMU : foreign man who lives in a boathouse
Nanoha : digital native and gifted boy of IT 
Tama-chan : mysterious girl who came from outer space

Character designer: KINAKO
Costume designer: Michael Karawata


via @yoshi_xtsu


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