Location Inspiration for "Free!" Anime Hosts Cosplay Event On Makoto's Birthday

Event details and teaser images of up-coming deformed figures and official fan book!

The beautiful town of Iwami in Tottori prefecture, which is known as the location of summer swimming anime Free!, will host a cosplay event / day tour on November 17th, which is the birthday of one of the most popular characters from the anime, Tachibana Makoto.




The Iwami Convention and Visitors Bureau official site has announced that they will host an event focused on cosplay on Makoto's birthday. The town has been welcoming Free! fans to visit and is known to provide support to cosplayers according to many posts found on Twitter by fans who have previously visited.



A shuttle bus tour of shoot locations used in the anime with an Iwami town tour guide will include a group photo oppotunity at Tajiri bay (above) as a background, for example. As far as food goes, a small squid festival will offer grilled squid, squid ball soup and dried squid (Surume Ika), plus a grilled mackerel plate with pineapple topping for 20 sets only. The event is free for non-cosplayers, but if you are cosplaying, pre-registration is required with a fee of 2000 yen. The event site says that attendees will have an oppotunity to write stuff like "For The Team" on bricks during the event.



The Iwami Convention and Visitors Bureau also has a few Iwami exclusive goods, and a new postcard set with beautiful Iwami inspired scenes in anime is one of them, seen above.




Since the event will be on Makoto's birthday, I wonder if there will be more Makoto cosplayers or more character cosplayers celebrating his birthday....either way, what a great idea!





Speaking of Makoto, Movic has posted teaser images of a new upcoming Anikuji deformed figure prize starting with Makoto. The series places the character's image animal hoodie on them and Makoto is wearing his orca hoodie with a stuffed orca.




Nagisa with penguin hoodie. It's nice when you can even appreciate the back side of the figure.



Rei comes with glasses, his own butterfly wings AND a butterfly in his hair! The rainbow colored hoodie is for the maximum psychological effect by visual effect, I suppose. This is just adorable.



The illustrated image of the deformed figures above. Anikuji is available exclusively at Animate and Gamers in Japan. The teaser images of Haruka and Rin figures have yet to be posted.





More details on the Official Fan Book, available on October 30th are now posted on the special site. It will include the rare art used as a banner at Summer Comiket and large ad images used at JR Ikebukuro station for promotion.




Spoon 2Di has been making hits with Free! covers and vol. 43 is no exception! It is a W-cover feature with Free! on the back and Beyond the Boundary on the front. Other than Spoon 2Di, the new issue of Otomedia will have a new illustration of the 5 boys in suits and will include both a pinup and a Christmas card.





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